Alumni value the very things we teach, and the ways of using them to understand various aspects of American culture. Our alumni have become lawyers, teachers, social workers, urban planners, marketing professionals, filmmakers, professors, professional writers (and comedians) and non-profit staff and leaders. Some have gone onto careers in sports (as athletes and in the NFL). 

Our alumni are an eclectic and interesting group, diverse in their interests and skills. What links them is the American Studies outlook in the world which takes people down all kinds of professional paths.

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What are our Alumni Doing?

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"As a graduating student at the University of California, Davis majoring in American Studies, my chosen field of study is a common point of misconception. No, American Studies is not [strictly] American history. Rather, American Studies is a field in the humanities that evaluates contemporary United States culture and society."- Brennan D Barban, Class of 2018