Current Course Offerings

We encourage students to take a broad range of classes across faculty expertise during their first years in the major. (See the Academic Year Course Offerings page.) These courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nature and Culture
  • Introduction to American Studies
  • Introduction to Popular Culture
  • Corporate Cultures
  • Technology and the Modern Body
  • The Individual and Community in the U.S.
  • Images of America and Americans in Popular Culture
  • Race, Culture and Identity in the U.S.
  • The Lives of Men in America: Masculinities Studies
  • Eating in America
  • Animals in American Culture
  • Landscapes and Places
  • Methods In American Studies
  • Environmental Justice
  • Prison Studies 


For the full list of courses including course descriptions please visit the General Catalog


***We would like to congratulate two of our amazing faculty members, Professor Julie Sze and Professor Ryan Lee Cartwright, on creating two new courses for the American Studies Department at UC Davis. Professor Cartwright’s “AMS 012: Disability Culture and Medicine” is currently the only disabilities studies course offered at UC Davis. Similarly, Professor Sze’s “AMS 150: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Justice/Injustice” is one of the first and few environmental justice courses offered at UC Davis. Congratulations to you both on this big accomplishment and your contributions to the UC Davis Community!**