As a transfer student, it may seem difficult to find a major which is right for you. Questions begin to arise and impact your major criteria:

Will I graduate on time?
What is the size of the major?
Are the classes impacted?
Will I know my professors and peers?
What can I do with this major after college?

The American Studies major allows students to base their major emphasis on topics and questions which interest them, even providing students the opportunity to create their own emphasis.

With a requirement of only 40 upper division units, students often double major or minor in other topics of interest and graduate on time. The American Studies Program is fairly small, making classes easy to enroll in, easy to get good advising information from the peer advisor and the amazing program coordinator, and it’s much easier to get a personalized letter of recommendation from a professor. Last year, the Director knew almost every graduating senior at Graduation by name!

Students are able to foster strong relationships with their peers and professors, providing a "small school" feeling on a large UC campus.

If you are entering Davis in search of a major that is challenging, small, and different, American Studies may be perfect for you!