Academic Year Course Offering

Academic Year Course Offering

Fall 2019

AMS 1C Arapoglou American Lives Through Autobiography
AMS 10 Sze Introduction to American Studies
AMS 21 Bayles Objects and Everyday Life
AMS 30 Smoodin Images of America & American Popular Culture
AMS 101G Sze Enviromental Justice
AMS/WMS 139 May Ee Wong Feminist Cultural Studies
AMS 154 Cartwright Lives of Men in America
AMS 155 Geier Eating in America 
AMS 190A Cartwright Senior Capstone

Winter 2020

AMS 10 Wang Intro to American Studies
AMS 30 Arapoglou Images of America & American Popular Culture
AMS 59 DeCristo Music and American Cutlure
AMS 100 Sze Methods in American Studies
AMS 130 Bayles American Popular Culture 
AMS 152 Smoodin Children in America
AMS 157 Geier Animals in American Culture
AMS 160 Sze Undergraduate Seminar 


Spring 2020

AMS 1E Cartwright Nature and Culture in America 
AMS 05 Arbona Technology in American Lives 
AMS/FST 55 Geier Food in American Cutlure
AMS 153 Bayles Individual and Community in America
AMS 156 Wang Race, Culture and Society in the United States 
AMS 160 DeCristo Undergraduate Seminar


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