Senior Capstone

The American Studies senior capstone project (AMS 190A, previously called Senior Thesis, is a great opportunity for students to produce a substantive and original piece of American studies work. The capstone project is optional. The goal is to synthesize and integrate what students have learned from their various courses. Most students will choose a research question, identify appropriate sources and methods, and decide on the most appropriate form for their finished project. You can take a more creative form (for example, a short film, an audio podcast, or another type of media project).

The capstone course provides students with a structured environment to pursue a project and to work with other American studies majors in a supportive and collaborative fashion. While students may elect to continue pursuing their capstone project for an additional quarter (as an independent study under the guidance of a faculty member) it is no longer required. Please note that students in other interdisciplinary majors may also take the course with the instructor’s permission.

AMS Projects